Flathead FH33





Old school streetrock! Modern anger! Release date april 26th 2014


Necro Ritual

Nerthus' Demise



Necro Ritual are a 5 piece black metal band from London, England. Since 2003 they have released a self titled demo and 2005's ‘Pure Satanic Slaughter’ . Their album ‘Nerthus’Demise’ was self-released in 2011 and re-released by Iron Age Records in 2012.

Necro Ritual are known for their notoriously furious shows.


Expect nothing less then Elite Anglo-Satanic Black Metal played with utter conviction, passion and hatred; as it should be played!






Quaedt was formed in september 2007 to spread Raw Mid-Tempo Black Metal sickness. Quaedt released a limited demo CD "'t Faesch Der Hoorndraegher" and played several live shows in Flanders and France, with renomated bands like Ad Hominem, Azaghal, Infinity, Panchrysia, Natan, Aguynguerran, The Reckoning, Gorath, Huldrefolk, Natrach and many more.


Early 2010 Iron Age Records releases their debut full-length album "PLAEGH" upon humanity.

Don't expect trends or fashion, but Black Metal the way it's meant to be.



Spartan Warrior

Behind Closed eyes



After a long recording absence Spartan Warrior have recorded a new album "Behind Closed Eyes" on Ironage Records (2010). The album is classic Spartan Warrior, packed with great songs, great guitar work and staying true to their NWOBHM roots. Spartan Warrior are on the march again keeping the British metal flame burning in a world hungry for the old school vibe.



Morbide Elite



Huldrefolk's 2nd album... (2009)


Since worldwide crisis with wars and famine are a true human pain, the drunk poor pest-brewing trolls got their good times. Since their pact with the crows their success became giant. The drunk trolls are dead, the New Elite is born.

We write in times where people are praying their God for forgiving their sins, to keep away His thorn of disease.

Expect a mind-blowing fast black metal masterpiece with a confronting sound of medieval infecting grief.

The whole world is dying...


No Remorse No Retreat


IRON 008


Warbringer is the 2nd album from No Remorse No Retreat.

The album takes you on a war torn! blood drenched! journey through ancient times and battles when honour! glory! and sacrifice! ruled. Back to times when the sun and earth were worshipped, the brave were hailed and the war drums beat to the rythm of war! Listen to songs about battle, heroes and the fallen, songs of victory, triumph and the gods of war! Warbringer delivers its songs with brutal downtuned guitars, drums like thunder and vocals that rasp along to riffs, riffs that catch you! hook you! and march you into battle!

Warbringer is the bringer of war!


Lost Legion

Glory or Death



England based Lost Legion formed in 1998 and with its line-up finalized in 2003 the band released its demo, "Legends of the Drenai" in 2006, which was received very well. During 2006/2007 their debut album "Glory or Death" has been recorded and in 2008 being released by Iron Age Records. Musically influenced by bands such as Manowar and Blind Guardian, Lost Legion play traditional heavy metal with power metal influences. The powerfull, passionate vocals bring you epic lyrics with heroism and tragedy, exultance and sorrow, the clamour of battle and the deathly calm that follows....



Het Zicht van de Dood



Het Zicht van de Dood" is their debut album (release date September 1st 2008); a musical combination of the aggression of black metal, the heroïsm of folk/pagan metal and the originality of progressive extreme metal. Lyrically it's a journey through ancient (Germanic) mythology, local history/legends and war (all lyrics in Flemish). Digipack!


No Remorse No Retreat

To Glory We Ride



To glory we ride" (released june 2nd 2008) is the debut album of No Remorse No Retreat from England/Wales. This is simply a catchy Old School British Heavy Metal album (or NWOBHM or some call it "sleezy biker metal"!).


No Remorse No Retreat rose from the ashes guided by the spirits of the fallen. Now the horde march to war! Wielding Gibsons like modern day axes and armed with mesa-boogie rectifiers, the onslaught has begun! Resistance is futile! Nothing stands in the way!

Digipack with artwork from Jan "Darkgrove" (Korpiklaani, Manowar...).


Iron Age Records Volume 1

Compilation CD



Compilation of pagan / black / folk metal featuring bands such as Death Rival, No Remorse No Retreat, Alkonost, Wulfgar. Black Tartan Clan, ..... and many more... (2008)

Artwork from Jan "Darkgrove" (Korpiklaani, Manowar...).


Heinrichreich / Taranis

Ancient Will Split CD



2 old school black metal demo's on 1 cd; Heinrichreich (Ireland) brings pagan black metal and Taranis (Flanders) brings black metal with thrash influences.


Wolves of Hate

Battle Hymns and War Songs



Wolves of Hate from the USA play Viking Death Metal. Battle Hymns and War Songs is their debut album.



Memories of the Warriors Will



Eliwagar's Memories of the warriors will was released in January 2008. Eliwagar is a French one woman band (nowadays residing in Norway) who plays pagan folk, using traditional instruments. For folk fans, but also popular amongst metal fans!