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All items are 10 euro each, unless stated otherwise. Scroll down for cheap cd list, 5 euro each.





Absu - Abzu (black metal USA)

Averse Sefira - Battle's Clarion (black metal, USA)

Averse Sefira - Advent Parallax (black metal, USA)

Balfor - Barbaric Blood (black/death metal, Ukr.)

Bal Sagoth - Apocryphal Tales (Epic black metal, UK)

Blackmore's Night - Ghost of a rose (folkrock, UK)

Blackmore's Night - The Village Lantern

Bloodline - Hate Procession digi cd (black metal, Sweden)

Blood of Kingu - De Occulta Philosofaia (black metal, Ukr)

Burzum - Umskiptar digibook 14 euro

Burzum - Umskiptar CD 12 euro

Burzum - Sol Austan, Mani vestan (Ambient) 12 euro

Brittannia Infernus (VA!) - A History of Occult & Black Metal 2CD


Cirith Gorgor - Visions of exaled lucifer (black metal, Netherlands)

Clandestine Blaze - Harmony of Struggle (black metal, Finland) 12 euro

Clandestine Blaze - New Golgotha Rising (black metal, Finland) 12 euro


Dark Ages - The Tractatus de Hereticis et Sortilegiis (Dark Ambient, Ukraine)

Dark Fury / Ohtar - Split CD (black metal, Poland)

Dark Fury - The price of treason (black metal, Poland)

Dark Fury - Semper Fidelis (black metal, Poland)

Dark Fury - Fortress of Eagles (black metal, Poland)

Dead to this world - First Strike for Spiritual Renewance (black/thrash Norway)

Death in June - Braunbuch zwei digi cd

Der Blutharsch Tribute CD

Denial of God - The horrors of Satan (Black metal, Dk)

Dodkult - II


Eluveiti - live on tour

Entartung - Krypteia (Black Metal)

Entartung - Peccata Mortalia CD (black metal)

Enthroned - The Blackend collection 4 CD (Candlelight Records) (black metal Belgium) 19 euo

Evoken - Shades of night descending (Funeral Doom/Death Metal USA)

Folkearth - Sons of the North (folk/viking metal)

Folkearth - Forgotten Lore (folk/viking metal)

Gorath - Misotheism (black metal, Be)

Gorath - MXCII (black metal, Be)


Hardingrock - Grimen (folkmetal, Ihsahn project, No)

Hades Almighty - Pulse of Decay (black metal, No)

Heiden - Obsidian (black metal, Cz)

Heimat - Heem (pagan/black metal, Be)

Helmeim - The journeys and the experiences of death (viking/black metal, No)

Helheim - Av Norron Aett (viking/black metal, No)

Horned Almighty - Necro Spirituals (black metal, Dk)

Huldrefolk - Morbide Elite (black metal, Be)

Infernum - Farewell

Iuvenes - Triumph of the will

Kathaarsys - Anonymous Ballads (progressive black metal)

Khors - Wisdom of all centuries (black metal, Ukr)

Kjeld - Skym digi CD (black metal, Friesland)

Lord Wind - atlantean monument

Lutomysl - De profundis (black metal, Ukr)

Manegarm - Havets Vargan (viking black metal Sweden)

Manegarm - Nordstjärnans tidsålder

Manegarm - Vargaresa- the beginning

Massenhinrichtung - Go beyond gist (black metal, Belarus)

Mgla - Exercises in Futility (black metal, Poland) 12 euro

Mgla - With hearts towards none (black metal, Poland) 12 euro

Moloch - Stiller Schrei des Winters (2002-2012) (black metal Ukr)

Mourning Beloveth - A Disease for the Ages (doom/death metal, Ire)

Nachtmystium - Instinct: decay (black metal, USA)

Nachtmystium - Addicts

Nachtmystium - Demise

No Remorse No Retreat - Victory or Valhalla (heavy metal, UK)

No Remorse No Retreat - Warbringer

Novembers Doom - Of Sculptured Ivy and Stone Flowers (death/doom metal, USA)


Old Corpse Road - 'Tis Witching Hour.. as Spectres We Haunt This Kingdom (folk/blackmetal, UK)


Pantheon - Vargstrike (black metal, USA)

Patria - Gloria Nox Aeterna (black metal, Brazil)

Patria - Hymns of Victory and Death

Patria - Sovereign Misanthropy

Prosatanos/Smoke - In hate & Blasphemy

Sear Bliss - Eternal Recurrance (atmospheric black metal, Hungary)

Susperia - Attitude (black/thrash, No)

Stiny Plamenu - Mrtvá Komora (black metal, Cz)

Signs of Darkness - The fall of amen (black metal Belgium)

Selbstmord - Dawn of an era

Spartan Warrior - Behind Closed Eyes (NWOBHM, UK)


Taranis - Flandriae (black/thrash, Be)

Thorns vs Emperor


V/A Voices from valhalla (bathory tribute)


Waffentrager Luzifers - Satanic Propaganda (Black Metal, De)

Waffentrager Luzifers/Black Angel - Satan is power

Warhead - Defenders of Blood (black metal)

Winterfront - Northwinds (pagan black metal, Cro)

Witchsmeller Pursuivant - Manifest of Evil (heavy metal, Be)

Wolves of Avalon - Carrion Crows over Camlan (pagan metal, UK)

Ygg - Ygg (black metal, Ukr)


CHEAP - 5 euro each:


Asaru - From The Chasms of Oblivion (black metal, De)

Aetherius Obscuritas - Ventus (black metal, HU)

Atra Vetosus - Voices from the eternal light (black metal, Aus)

Carthaun - Brachland (black metal, De)

Carved in Stone - Tales of Glory and Tragedy (folk, De)

Celtic Dance - Ancient Battlecry (black metal, Por)

Cerberus - Klagelieder -Grabesgesang (black metal, De)


Deathrow - Gateways to Oblivion (black metal, It)


Elivagar - Heirs of the Ancient Tales (folk death metal, De)

Eliwagar - Memories of the Warriors Will (pagan folk, Fr)


Emancer - Twilight and Randomness (black metal, No)

Encryption - Nosferamor (ambient, Swe)


Fimbultyr - Gryende Tidevarv (black/viking metal, Sw)


Gates of Argonath - Voice of the first snow (pagan metal, Belgium)

Gravdal - Sadist (black metal, No)

Goats of Doom - Lost in time and void (black metal, Finland)

Gontyna Kry - Arystokracja Ducha (black metal, Pol.)

Gwydion - Ynys Mon (black/folk/viking metal, Port)


Helfahrt - Wiedergang (pagan metal, De)

Heinrichreich/Taranis split cd - Iron Will (black/thrash metal)

Höllenpoetik - Compilation (Black metal, De)

Inhuman Hate - Twilight of a lost soul (black metal, De)

Insanity Reigns Supreme - Occultus Insanus Damnatus (doom/death metal, Be)

Iron Age Records Vol. 1 compilation CD (black/pagan/heavy metal comp.)


Masteriis - Dodsdom (black metal, No)

The Meads of Asphodel - The early years (experimental black metal, UK)


Natan - Het zicht van de dood (black metal, Be)

Necro Ritual - Nerthus' Demise (black metal, UK)

Nomans Land - Ravenflight (viking metal, Rus)

Nomans Land - Farnord

Numenor - Colossal Darkness (black metal, serbia)


Panchrysia - In obscure depths (black metal, Be)

Popravčí Vrch - Král Šibenice

Profezia - The truth of ages (black metal/ambient)


Quaedt - Plaegh (black metal, Belgium)


Rexor - Nox obscura sortis (black metal, It)


Signs of Darkness - The fall of Amen (black metal, Be)

Skald - I En Svunnen Tid (folk metal, Swe)

Slartibartfass - Nebelheim (viking/folk metal, De)

Syklisk Nedgang - Purification through the fall (black metal, Fr)

Syrach - Days of Wrath (digi, doom/death metal, Swe)

Stozhar - No Retreat (pagan folk metal, Ru)


Theudo - When ice crowns the earth (pagan/black metal, Be)

Theudo - The silence EP

Theudo - Cult of Wuotan

Theudo - The volsunga saga

Thundra - Ignored by fear (black viking metal, Swe)


Urzamoth - Strength, Persistance, Achievement (black/thrash, Be)

Utgard - Thrones and Dominions (black metal, Finland)


Various Artists ‎– Evola Tribute - The Spirit Of Europe (black/industrial/Neofolk comp.)


Winds - Prominence and Demise (progressive metal, No)


Wulfgar - With gods and legends unite (melodic death metal, Swe)

Wolves of Hate - Battle Hymns and War Songs (viking death/black metal, USA)

Wotanorden - The hands of fate (pagan black metal, USA)

Wyrd - Kalivägi (black/doom/folk metal, Fin)